Dr. Scott D Wylie - Medical Psychologist

Dr. Scott Wylie

About Dr. Wylie

Dr. Wylie is the owner of Medical Psychology Associates. He Specializes in psychological & neuropsychological screening assessments, Medical & Health Psychology, and Forensic Psychology. Dr. Wylie lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado with his family, and enjoys playing guitar and drums, and all outdoor activities.

Education & Training

Dr. Wylie completed a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from Sonoma State University, and a Master of Science  degree in child development from the University of London, U.K., before completing his doctor of psychology degree at Southern California University in 1999.  He completed two post-doctoral residency programs at Sonoma State Hospital; the first in medical & behavioral psychology (1 Year), and the second in  neuropsychology & assessment (2 Years). Dr. Wylie further advanced his education by completing a post-doctoral Master of Science degree in psychopharmacology from Alliant International University in 2008, and is one of the few medically trained psychologists in Colorado. Dr. Wylie has been a licensed psychologist since 2001, and is currently licensed to practice in Colorado, Wyoming & California.

Contact Information

You can contact  or schedule an appointment with Dr. Wylie by calling our toll-free number (888) 666-0974, or e-mailing him directly using the contact form below. For Pharmacogenomic Consultations please have your physician contact us directly.

Contact Dr. Wylie

Medical Psychology Associates

113 Coronado Court, Ft. Collins, Colorado 80525

(888) 666-0974

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