Assessment & Testing

Psychological Assessment Services

Psych Test

Standardized objective measures of psychological variables and conditions. The Gold-Standard in psychiatric diagnosis

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Neuropsychological Assessment Services


Standardized and objective measures of cognitive functioning, including attention, focus, memory, intelligence and motor skills 

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Computer-Based Assessment


Computer-based technology that allows many tests to be administered on a laptop, tablet or computer.

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Online & Cloud-Based Assessment


Advanced technology allowing test to be taken at home, hospital, or anywhere there is secure internet access. We utilize the Q-Global, PARiConnect and Q-Interactive systems

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Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluations

Bariatric Surgery

Medical Psychology Associates provides pre-surgical psychological evaluations for Northern Colorado Surgical Associates & UC Longmont

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Occupational Psychology Assessments

occupational psychology

We provide pre-employment and fit-for-duty psychological & neuropsychological assessments

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